Timber and Sheet Materials

Since the redevelopment of our timber department in 2005 we have developed a stock holding more diverse than ever before. Whether you are working inside or outside we have a selection of responsibly sourced timber and sheet materials in a number of pre-cut sizes for you to choose from, and we will cut them to size for you!

At this time the majority of our timber is not on our website. We aim in the future to provide listings of timber, sheet materials, trellis and acrylic sheeting. Before we can implement this contact us and we will provide assistance.
Cutting Services

Our workshop has a selection of machinery to cut materials to size for you. We offer straight, square cuts on all of our timber and sheet materials except 100mmx100mm (4"x4") timber.
We do not charge when cutting our timber to length. Similarly, for the first two cuts on our sheet materials will not be charged, should you require numerous cuts an additional cutting charge may be requested.

If you have timber, sheet materials etc purchased elsewhere that you would like us to perform straight, square cuts on do not hesitate to contact us or bring the meterial in store, we may be able to cut them for you.  

Didn't find what you are looking for?

We may still be able to help. The products available on our website are only a fraction of the products that we can obtain. Simply contact us or visit our store and one of our approachable staff members will help you with your enquiry.